Excellent solution for small and mid-size businesses that utilize more video footage to extract hidden information or data that you need to see.  Your monthly subscription will credit your account for 10 more minutes of use each month.  Everything from the C-Store for security footage or orthopedic practice needing better data on a MRI will love this solution plan.  We utilize our patented technology to enhance your viewing and provide additional information. Your enhanced version will be side by side with the original to compare and see the differences.

G3 Digital Video Enhancement Monthly Subscription - 10 MINUTES

SKU: G3Business10
$89.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
  • Each month your Video Enhancement subscription refills another 10 minutes of enhancement time or 20 still digital images or combination.  For every still image you want enhanced it will use ½ minute of available time credit.  Mix and match video or still image enhancements.  Should you use less than your paid 10 minutes for the month your unused balance up to 10 minutes will rollover and be credited to the next month’s allotment. If you utilize more than current month’s credit including any rollover minutes that have accrued, you will be charged for overage minutes per your plan rates for each additional minute.  This charge will be added to the monthly subscription rate for the next month.

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