Thank you for your interest in our G3 Enhancement Services.

What digital file types can I send for enhancement?

G3 Acuity works with all file types.  If your file is unique and requires a decoder or driver file, simply attach the application file with the others you’re sending.  Our process is mutually exclusive to the data file. So long as we can play and see the image on the computer we can run through our system.

Why do I need raw data and uncompressed files?

Our technology and systems process each pixel of every frame for optimization and compares to other pixels in the frame.  When a file is compressed for transfer or to save file size it literally deletes half of the pixels in the file that would help with the analytics.  When you toss this useable data in the garbage you lower the quality of the enhanced results.

What file format is the finished product that you send back?

We will return your enhanced file in a H.264 file format for video and jpeg for still images unless you specify otherwise.

Are my files secure and private to me only?

Yes, your files are securely received and sent via our Dropbox account which has the best available encryption and storage space available.  Read our terms and privacy page for details about policies and practices. 

How long do I have to access my enhanced files?

You can access your finished files at any time while you have an active subscription.  Your access is terminated with your subscription if you have not renewed within 15 days when we will then delete the contents of that account.

Can I compress and share the enhanced files?

Yes, after the file is enhanced you can compress or share the file as you wish.

What is the available storage space for my files? 

The plan you choose will detail the maximum file space available.  You can however purchase more storage space if necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

We are looking forward to doing business with you.

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