Santa Barbara County  Sheriff's Office

Criminal Identification

Wow! Nice work. With the tattoo, and with the clarification that it appears he is wearing a hat to either the side or back, it should help. I’ve got some people I’m looking at, and hopefully this will help. I’ll send this to my supervisors as well, and hopefully they will see the benefit of this.
Thanks again,


We have been testing a product that improves video detection reliability for the past 18 months.  I told the President, David Brown, of G3 Acuity, Inc. that I would share our findings with you.  We tested the product at a traffic signal with existing video detection where we were experiencing false calls from direct sunlight and shadows. The product, ProHawk SD, 4CH Analog, proved to be very reliable and ended all of the complaints.  This product could be a solution for Districts who experience issues with their existing video detection and could potentially extend the life of the video detection by providing real-time video enhancement.  It may also be a solution for extending the life and images of CCTV installations. Your work is greatly appreciated. R.G.

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