About our Company

G3 Acuity is a ProHawk VAR a breakthrough video and digital image enhancement technology services and distribution.

Our company was founded in 2015 by David Brown in beautiful Solvang, CA. Mr. Brown is a 20 year veteran of marketing and distribution in the financial sector. Always an early adaptor of technology, Mr. Brown took one look at ProHawk™ and was all in. He has transferred his success in finance to technology and specifically the successful implementation and installation of ProHawk™ across industry sectors.

Trust and integrity are not just buzzwords, but the foundation of our commitment to our partners, customers, vendors, employees, and shareholders for their experience to exceed their expectations. One of our strengths is our small size allowing us to be quick and flexible with client needs and solutions.

Once you see the features of ProHawk™ and how simple it is to use, the possibilities are unlimited. This one product transects most every industry we could think of that utilizes real time information. We recognized this and became a trained and authorized ProHawk™ reseller without hesitation.

David Brown - Owner- CEO

Contact us:

David Brown - CEO, Owner

1603 Copenhagen Drive, Suite 6

Solvang CA, 93463                               

Phone: 805-686-1044   Fax: 805-686-0252

email: David@G3Acuity.com

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