ProHawk Technology enhances Digital Photographs and Videos

When seeing the details are important, we have the solution.

​Many industries rely upon video images for their security, surveillance, staff, customer safety and operational efficiency. We offer the world’s most advanced image enhancement technology available. You deserve the best.

The ProHawk Technology:

The core Detail Enhancement Filter (DEF) algorithms were born in the nuclear power industry and have been under continuous development for eight years. Our Research & Development teams have detailed plans for the continued iterative refinement, enhancement of DEF and the creation of additional supporting algorithms.


Two international patents awarded, two additional patent applications pending and numerous trade secrets protect our technology. We have years of know-how and experience in delivering market-leading real-time video enhancement products.


In addition, we use the most secure state-of-the-art encryption technology to protect the Intellectual Property residing in our products. We are committed to investing in, protecting and enhancing our technology’s competitive advantage, which we believe is years ahead of our closest competitors.


As visual solutions are the key component of our products, we are continuing to explore opportunities in both expanding our visual enhancement technologies to higher resolution standards and adapting our portfolio options to address new visual and informatics solutions as significant and profitable opportunities are identified.

ProHawk will continually review new applications and will deliver a new range of products based on their foundation technology and the DEF algorithm.

More about ProHawk

ProHawk™ is a highly optimized solution for dynamic range enhancement and contrast optimization which increases the visible content of the image.  It combines six interconnected processes to deliver the highest quality enhancement:

  • Dynamic Range Enhancement – The DEF algorithm uses dynamic range enhancement to minimize the effect of haze, fog, dust and smoke.

  • Contrast Optimization – Using contrast histogram analysis in an innovative way to display the images hidden in both the bright and dark areas of the frame.

  • Contextual Color Enhancement – DEF identifies the color in the over- and under-exposed areas of the image, delivering improved color representation.

  • Fractal Image Enhancement – The DEF algorithm reviews each pixel together with contiguous pixels for significant color changes, generating edge sharpening and enhancing the detail in the resultant image.

  • Rapid Movement Detection – ProHawk™ allows the user to reduce the impact of rapid movement on the image.  This minimizes the effects of rain, drizzle and snow.

  • Visual Noise Reduction – Minimizes the impact of “noise” during high levels of enhancement.

Enhancement Software

Actionable information is king when it comes to security and surveillance. G3 ensures that the best quality video images are provided no matter the condition allowing for enhanced decision making in safety critical situations.

Technical Enhancement Capabilites

Come rain or shine 24 hours a day, 365 days a year people are always on the move be it by plane, train, boat or car. When conditions start to affect monitoring capabilities, efficiency and more importantly safety can be impacted, ProHawk helps to mitigate these issues.

ProHawk Equipment

Government agencies rely on retrospective video to prove thier case. Enhanced images  ensure both safety and operational efficiency from the Police to border control. G3 Acuity makes sure that the quality of images they review is the best possible.

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