Your video and image files can be enhanced with our patented technology which till now was only available to law enforcement and security experts.

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Industry & Infrastructure

With the additional knowledge gained by our enhancement solution you provide better actionable information regarding defects in pipelines, structures, and assets.


The value proposition is explosive with our forensic type of enhancement.  Improve risk management and be proactive with G3 Acuity using your own digital images of video, thermal, or infrared, for additional information.

Insurance & Discovery

Mitigate or eliminate risk and claims with improved decision making and information.  Nearly everything is captured by video but it happens in poor conditions of light, weather and environment.  Using G3 Acuity, now you can enhance your images to determine if a claim is approved, denied or fraudulent.  Personal injury, property claims, worker’s compensation, auto accidents all have huge payouts and costs.  Our quick analysis of your image evidence could save thousands in defense and awards by knowing upfront the real story.

Law Enforcement & Forensics

With body cams, dash cams, GoPro and other recording devices you never know if the information is tangible due to lighting, weather, or environmental factors.  This can make identification of suspects, license plates and other data unreliable.  We have worked with Police, Sheriff, District Attorney and other crime investigation with our enhancement technology.  Citations for photo red lights, car pool lane infraction, parking enforcement and toll booth license plate recognition are available for enhancement by G3 Acuity.

See what your missing.

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Video surveillance or other digital image equipment inspection, medical diagnostics are just a few of the applications benefiting from our ability to enhance light in dark pictures and videos to see clearly what is in shadows. Often your safety is at stake whether it's seeing people moving in the dark or finding engineering mistakes in airplane engines or seeing clearly through internal body cameras for medical diagnostics. Our patented technology optimizes your video images and/or footage to show you what’s truly there behind the scene. See what you’re missing.

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About our G3 Enhancement Services

Choosing the right Service for your digital enhancement needs:  We offer a variety of plans to suit all types of uses and volume from the hobbyist to the professional business.  Similar to your mobile phone plan, the more minutes you block the lower the rate.  You can roll over your unused minutes for up to three months.  Don’t worry if you need to change your plan, we are flexible to your needs and can change the plan to fit you.  You can add features to accommodate your needs including private label with your logo for branding and express turn around for that urgent deadline.  Click here to view enhancement options.


Sending us your digital files to enhance: This is a simple 3 step process.  1. Fill out the submission form.  2. Select the digital video or image files and mark the time period you want enhanced for each file. 3. Click submit and your file is sent to our secure Dropbox delivery. 

You will get an automatic reply that G3 Acuity has received your files. 


G3 Acuity will run your images through our patented enhancement technology and send back as directed on your form also by Dropbox.  You will get another notice that the file has been processed and available for review typically in 24-48 hours. Note: For best results send us your raw files that have not been compressed or copied multiple times.


We stand behind our technology and service. If you are not satisfied with our enhancement service let us know by clicking the contact us link and we will do all we can to make it right.  We strive for exceptional customer experience. .

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